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U.L. Burglar Alarm Systems

The Installation of an Allstate Security burglar/panic alarm system truly gives the peace of mind that so many people wish for. According to FBI statistics 70% of all burglars go through doors. So, with the mounting of door sensors on the front, back and side doors, door from the garage to the house and the attic access door 7 out of 10 burglars will be detected. The other 30% of burglars go through windows, air condition vents, skylights, but they only rarely go through the roof or walls. With the addition of window sensors, vent traps, glass break detectors, motion detectors, or interior door contacts adequate protection can be obtained.

When any of the devices cause the alarm control panel to notify our 24 hour U.L. central monitoring station at the same instant it will sound one or more interior and/or exterior sirens and/or strobe lights. Allstate security trained monitors will call the house and let the phone ring up to six times. Whoever answers will be asked to identify themselves with their name and passcode. If the person answering the phone is unable to identify themselves with the proper information then the Police/Sheriff and/or (in Amarillo city limits only) Allstate Security armed alarm response officers will be dispatched. Note: 753 criminals have been apprehended by the Allstate Security alarm response/patrol officers in Amarillo since 1975 without a policeman being present. This was accomplished by our armed officers without a shot being fired by any of our armed officers or the criminals we caught.

The Amarillo Police Department and dozens of other law enforcement agencies responding to Allstate Security alarm signals in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado have caught many additional hundreds of criminals by responding to our clients alarm signals.

Remember: Allstate Security installs and services alarm systems in the 225 mile radius of Amarillo and we do service work for many national alarm companies.

If you do not have a Life Safety/Security alarm system or you are unhappy with the system you do have then call Allstate Security at 806-354-3200 or 1-800-299-6220 for a no cost no obligation proposal. We have alarm systems to fit every budget.

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