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Carbon Monoxide

Complete CO Detection

Allstate Security’s Carbon Monoxide Detectors with RealTest provide early warning by using electrochemical sensing technology to measure CO levels in the air. If a dangerous amount of CO is detected, Allstate Security will alert residents 24/7 by our U.L. Central Station, regardless of whether residents are away from home, sleeping or already suffering from the effects of CO.

Benefits of Monitored Detection

CO detectors monitored by a central station provide peace of mind by including an extra level of protection for situations when:

  • The residence is empty
  • Residents are sleeping
  • Pets, children and elderly are alone
  • Residents are already suffering effects from CO exposure (drowsiness, unconsciousness, etc.)
  • A problem arises with the detector

If CO concentration hits dangerous levels Allstate Security will have the ability to alert you when the detector is in alarm. Allstate Security will also have the ability to alert the end user if the detector:

  • Has been tampered with.
  • Is experiencing mechanical trouble.
  • Is in end-of-life.

Where to Install CO Detectors

  • Within 10 feet of each sleeping area
  • Inside each sleeping area if occupied by the hearing impaired
  • Near kitchens with a gas burning stove
  • On each floor of the house
  • Away from vents and the reach of children and pets
  • In the vicinity of flame-fueled appliances, but no closer than 10 feet
  • If wall mounting, install at least as high as the light switch and six inches from the ceiling
  • If ceiling mounting, install at least twelve inches from the wall

End-of-Life Notification

Allstate Security’s Carbon Monoxide Detector are equipped with a six-year end-of-life notification system that alerts the central station at the end of each detector’s functional life span. This enables service providers to proactively make service calls to meet customer needs without the homeowner worrying about checking the detector.

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