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Home Automation

Wireless control for lighting, appliances, thermostats and more!

Your Allstate Security system already fills the vital role of protecting you and your property. Now you can teach your system some great, new tricks. Add easy-to-install devices*, and your security system becomes the brains of a customizable home control system.

Once in place and programmed, these wireless devices are controlled through your security system - strengthening security, adding convenience, and even reducing your energy costs. Features that were only available in high-end, high-cost home automation systems are now affordably yours.

Build Your System

There are a variety of devices to choose from, letting you select just the things you want to control. There's no big up-front expense. Start with a few basic light controllers, then add more devices or a thermostat to build exactly the system you want.

Stronger Security

Your security professional can program your system to turn on and dim lights, lock and unlock doors, turn appliances on and off, and even adjust your thermostats. So when you go to bend and arm your system, it can also automatically lock the door, turn on selected interior lights, close the garage door, and set the thermostat to a more efficient setting... all with one button-press!

Added Convenience

You can individually control devices via your security system, but a bigger benefit comes when you combine commands to several devices to create your "Favorite" settings. Press one button, and the lights can dim to the desired level and the TV or radio can turn on. "Favorites" let you quickly set the mood you want.

Mobile Control

These devices can be controlled via text with MyAccess service, or an APP on your Apple iPhone and iPad, or your Android Smartphone and Tablet.

* Some devices/capabilities may not be available in all areas/systems.