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AES Long Range Radio

Allstate Security is the only security company in the area to offer the only U.L. listed long range radio in the United State that protects against cut telephone lines or serves as a primary method of alarm signal transmission in lieu of a phone line.

Even if your home or business does not have a regular phone line your alarm system will transmit all alarm signals to our own 24-hour U.L. listed Central Monitoring Station over your AES Long Range Radio System.

AES-IntelliNet is a long-range 2-way wireless mesh network. As opposed to point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communications networks, mesh networks don't rely on a single route back to a central data point. If one route is unavailable due to weather, technical problems or user error then alternate routes are automatically chosen. Mesh networks are easy to install and maintain and deliver higher levels of reliability and speed than traditional communication networks. Wireless mesh networks such as those using patented AES-IntelliNet technology use 2-way smart transceivers for communicating data between remote locations and the central receiver.

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