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Armed Patrol / Armed Response Officers

Are you having multiple break-ins every month? Are you looking for something/someone to help you with this problem? Allstate Security's Patrol officers have caught 753 criminals and counting due to our patrol officers responding to our alarm signals.

Allstate Security uniformed and armed patrol officers go through an extensive FBI and TDPS background check to ensure that they have no criminal history prior to employment. They are also required to be certified in the State of Texas by graduating from a State of Texas approved security officer training academy.

Since 1975 our armed patrol officers have been responsible for the apprehension of 753 criminals. This has been accomplished without a shot being fired by either our patrol officer or the criminal. We patrol and respond to alarm signals in all areas of the city limits of Amarillo for both commercial and residential clients. All patrol cars are equipped with global positioning systems (GPS) vehicle tracking devices to enable Allstate Security management to track the patrol vehicles. This will verify their location at any given moment and also verify their speed and if they are idling.

To verify that our patrol officers have made their assigned rounds they use a handheld computer to download the address information on previously placed scan points (a metal nickel sized button) that are secured to specific points on clients' property. Each Monday morning the information is downloaded and an activity report is sent to each client that has subscribed to this service.