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Armed / Unarmed Security Officers

Allstate Security Officers are fully uniformed and trained to protect you and your property. We are able to provide either armed or unarmed officers depending on the event or your request. Allstate Security Officers are required to attend and graduate from a State of Texas approved Guard Training Academy.

A private security officer's primary duty is the prevention and deterrence of crime and to observe and report. Security personnel enforce company rules and can act to protect lives and property. In fact, they frequently have a contractual obligation to provide these actions. Security officers are often trained to perform arrest and control procedures (including handcuffing and restraints), take accurate notes, write detailed reports, and perform other tasks as required by the contractee they are serving.

To verify that our patrol and standing guard officers have made their assigned rounds they use handheld computers to download the address information on previously placed scan points (a metal nickel sized button) that is secured to clients selected specific points on clients' property. Each Monday morning the information is downloaded and an activity report is sent to each client that has subscribed to this service.

All guard sites that require Allstate Security to provide a patrol vehicle are equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking device to enable Allstate Security management to track the patrol vehicle to verify their location at any given moment and verify their speed and if they are sitting idling.