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Vault Storage

Allstate PatrolMaintaining appropriate environmental conditions for long-term storage of various computer media types ensures readability and integrity for decades. Allstate Security Industries, Inc. owns and operates 2 high-security vaults. Each of these vault options provides optimal preservation and the ultimate in security and safety for your vital records.

Standard Vault Features Include
  • Multiple levels of physical and alarm security including 24/7 access control.
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled vault
  • Non-Temperature and Humidity controlled vaults
  • Class A three- and four- NFPA fire ratings
  • Fire Suppression

Allstate Security offers armed patrol officers to pick up and deliver your computer media to and from our vaults 24/7.

Shared vaults: Only pay for what you use

Shared vault provides a cost-effective solution for the protection of our your vital records. Our media vault stays at a constant 68 degrees fahrenheit temperature with 25-30% relative humidity.